Advanced Grove Level Classes

Advanced Grove Level is required for anyone seeking to move towards Initiation or wishing to simply advance their knowledge as a member of the Grove.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required for a member who wishes to move towards Neophyte.

Grove Member Responsibilities

The same as previously addressed at Basic Grove Level


  • Circle Series
    • Energy and the New Moon Ritual
    • Roles of the Four Officiants Part 2 (*)
    • Sacred Geometry – The Magic Triangle
    • Salt and Water
  • Coven Series
    • Responsibilities (*)
    • What does it mean to be a Blue Star Initiate (*)
  • Deity Series
    • Gods and the Circle (*)
    • The God and Goddess (*)
  • Mythology Series
    • Mythology and Worship (*)
    • Researching Deity Pairs (*)
  • Magic and Spell Work Series
    • Minor Magic and the Grimoire
  • Wheel of the Year Series
    • The Sacrificial Cycle


  • Ford – The Mabinogi (*)
  • Matthews – Mabon and the Guardians of Britain (*)
  • Frazer – The Golden Bough

Complete the Following

All are required if moving towards Neophyte/Initiation

  • Set-up the Altar
  • Begin more in-depth exploration of at least one path of power.
  • Required reading and homework for classes
  • Serve as Priest/Priestess for a New Moon Circle demonstrating a circle casting as well as a working knowledge of the quarters.
  • Sabbat/Seasonal questions:
    • What is the nature of Wiccan sex magic?
    • Explain the symbolism of a woman cutting a man’s hair at Litha.
    • What is the nature of sacrifice?
    • What is the Imbolc sacrifice?
    • What is the relationship between the Imbolc and Lammas sacrifice?
    • How and why would you incorporate ritual into everyday life?
    • How do you remember those who have passed on (as an individual, with your family, in a group)?
    • Traditionally, in the British Isles, the mummers play “St. George and the Dragon” was (and in some places, still is) performed.  What is its pagan symbolism and significance?
    • Research some of the symbols used on psyanky (or other) “Easter” eggs.  Explore other symbols that have meaning to you.  Design an egg decorated in a way that is meaningful to you.  Use any symbol that works; traditional or otherwise.  Explain the significance.
  • Research and outline the cycle of a Deity pair, outlining a year of Sabbat Celebrations.
  • Lead a discussion (either in or out of Circle) about the Deity pair with which you’ve been working.