The Blue Star is a Septagram - a seven pointed starVela is a Coven/Grove working in the Blue Star Tradition. We are located just outside of Washington DC and serve the DC Metro Area including Northern Virginia. We are considered part of the Mid-Atlantic Blue Star Community which currently encompasses 7 groups ranging from Richmond, VA to Highland Park, NJ.

We come from a teaching tradition focusing on worshiping the Gods. Currently we are celebrating New Moons and Sabbats. Full Moon Esbats are inner court rituals for initiates only. Rituals are held in Germantown, MD, about 30 miles Northwest of Washington DC.

We work within several different ranks, beginning with visitors who have expressed an interest in us. Once a person is ready to begin working more in depth and we think they are a good fit, they are considered a seeker. Then we have Dedicant, Neophyte, Initiate, Second Degree and Third Degree. Expectations are that a person will spend a minimum of a year and a day at each level beginning with Dedicant.

This hierarchical learning structure helps to facilitate learning and growth, not authoritarianism. Blue Star is mostly free of “holier than thou” attitudes. Each coven is autonomous, but we have a strong family bond to others of our tradition.

A seeker, (one who has been invited to attend esbats and Sabbats and who has asked for a teacher), is given access to the Vela Online Learning Portal, has regular discussions with their teacher and is actively working towards dedication.

A dedicant, is given access to more classes on the portal, attend the online group discussions held once a month for grove members and attends at least 4 in-person crafty classes with their teacher and other grove members held throughout the year. These crafty classes can range from nature walks, to constructing oils and incenses to creating personal shrines.  Dedicants are also expected to begin learning the officiant positions.

All neophyte classes are held either in person or on-line with their teacher and other neophytes, the classes will not be on the portal.  As well, neophytes take responsibility for at least creating and leading one ritual per year. More discussions with your teacher are common at this point.

First Degree Initiates gain access to the inner court rituals held during the Full Moon Esbat. More of their teaching is done in person. They may also take the lead in leading class discussions during the grove online group discussions as well as leading and participating in more of the new moon and sabbat esbats.

Second Degree Initiates are able to take on individual students under their teacher’s auspices. They are expected to teach both their students and the grove. They take more of a leadership role in the group.

We are currently accepting new students.

We encourage you to explore this website and if you are interested in possibly joining us, to view the page about Vela and then if you are interested in attending our ritual, view the page Joining Vela for a link to our inquiry form.