About Vela

Vela is a Grove/Coven in the Blue Star Tradition. We are a teaching group with an emphasis on worshiping the Gods. Teazel, the High Priestess, holds a third degree within BlueStar.

Vela began in 2010 as a sponsored Grove under Balefire in Lambertville, NJ. Due to members moving away from both the area and interests, Vela took a hiatus from 2012 to 2013. Beginning in 2014, Vela has started up again and is regularly holding esbats and Sabbats. We are currently accepting new students.

Vela places an emphasis on grove learning with many classes available both in person and online for those who are dedicated. With Blue Star’s tradition of a laity/congregation, we realize that not everyone wants or is suited for initiation and clergy, and have created many classes for those who choose to stay as dedicants as well as those who choose to continue on the path towards initiation.