Classes and Requirements for Neophyte

Note that all responsibilities previously denoted are required for someone working towards neophyte.

Please note that completion of the “Saturn Return” transition is seen as significant.  It is our experience that although persons who have not gone through this transition can make fine Initiates (and Priest and Priestess) initiation prior to the Saturn Return will profoundly affect the event. In addition, the level of maturity sought in the Inner Court is most often found in those who have completed this transition.  Although persons who have not yet completed the Saturn Return will be considered for Neophyte and Initiation, their personal understanding and growth will be examined critically and closely prior to being considered for an elevation.

Neophyte Restriction:

This applies only after a student has gone through the Neophyte rite of passage. It is put here for full disclosure

The Neophyte must NOT attend any Circle other than those of Vela Grove or the open rituals of Blue Star mid-Atlantic (or those of a family gathering) WITHOUT consent of teacher(s).

This restriction does not apply to services of the religion of the Neophyte’s family, as family obligations are very important (i.e. weddings, holidays, rites of passage).  If the family is Wiccan, discuss this with your teacher(s).  However, it is suggested that the teacher(s) be advised of such events being attended (there is no expectation that the teacher(s) accompany the Neophyte).  The restrictions DO apply to attending rituals of other covens within the Blue Star tradition (except as noted above).  However, if approval to attend a Circle within the Blue Star tradition is granted, that Circle will probably not be considered to meet the “three-Circle” requirements.

Circles attended at large public gatherings MAY be considered of one of the three Circles.  Approved gatherings MAY be exempt from the above restrictions.  Discuss this with the teacher(s).


From Grove Level Classes

  • Circle Series
    • Blue Star Altar Part II
    • Blue Star Ritual Part II
  • Coven Series
    • Coven Hierarchy
    • Introduction to Craft and Coven Law
  • Deity Series
    • Gods in the Wicca Perspective
    • Personal Shrine Work
  • Element Series
    • Forces in the Circle
  • Energy Series
    • Energy and Polarity
    • Energy and Power Raising
  • Invocation Series
    • What is Invocation
  • Mythology Series
    • Introduction to Mythology
  • Paths of Power
    • Introduction to the Paths of Power
    • Paths of Power – Astral Projection
    • Paths of Power – Divination
    • Paths of Power – Herbology
    • Paths of Power – Love
    • Paths of Power – Meditation and Trance
    • Paths of Power – Music and Dance
    • Paths of Power – Psychic Development
    • Paths of Power – Ritual

From Advanced Grove Level Classes

  • Circle Series
    • Energy of the New Moon Ritual
    • Roles of the Four Officiants Part II
  • Coven Series
    • Responsibilities
    • What does it mean to be a Blue Star Initiate
  • Deity Series
    • Gods in the Circle
    • The God and Goddess
  • Mythology Series
    • Mythology and Worship
    • Researching Deity Pairs

Neophyte Specific

  • Coven Series
    • Blue Star History
    • Initiatory Tattoos
    • Ritual Bath and Candle Preparation
  • Craft Series
    • The Wiccan Rede
    • Charge of the Goddess
  • Deity Series
    • Patrons
  • Energy Series
    • Introduction to your Astral Temple
    • Protecting Against Psychic Attack
  • Invocation Series
    • Role of the Summoner and Handmaiden
    • Why no invocation until initiation.


Grove Level

Advanced Grove Level

Neophyte Specific

Complete the Following

  • A year and a day (maybe more, depending upon personal development) as a Dedicant.
  • Complete all required classes, reading and homework for grove/advanced grove as well as required classes/homework for Neophyte elevation.
  • Ritual Work
    • Write a Full Moon Ritual using the deity pair you chose during the grove advanced work  and perform it (meditation in the place of invocation).
    • Assume responsibility for coordinating the food for a sabbat.  This can include an appropriate theme and decorations.
    • Serve as Handmaiden or Summoner for three lunar cycles.
  • Set up and begin working with a personal Astral Temple
  • Write a letter expressing your desire to become a Neophyte and ultimately an Initiate and why you feel called to this path.
    • Explore and write about how you perceive your role as an Initiate
    • Show an understanding of the meaning of dedicating one’s life to a ministry and what it means to become a Priest/Priestess in that ministry.
    • (This is actually written twice, once when you choose to begin the journey to Neophyte and the other when you feel you are ready.)
    • Write about your religious experiences; why you came to Wicca, Blue Star and Vela in particular
  • Show a desire to explore Wicca as a way to know the Gods in the Blue Star system.
  • Lead a discussion relative to two paths of power to which you’ve been drawn (i.e. make incense, explain your divinatory system, teach new chants, etc.).
  • Write a paper about some aspect of the Wiccan Rede or the Law.*
  • Attend at least 3 other tradition’s rituals for comparison. These three rituals or Circles must be approved in advance of attendance, and it may be required that the person requesting Neophyte be accompanied by a member of the Inner Court.  A report of the ritual will be required.
  • Prepare the ritual splash (including herbal preparation, lighting, candles, etc.)
  • Other assignments as appropriate.